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Interactive Activities

Ever wanted to run away and join the circus? 

Well maybe you should give it a go first.

We have a circus play space for all ages to try something you have never tried before including juggling, unicycling, hula hoops, stilt walking, slackline, flowersticks, diabolo, acro and more! 

Experienced facilitators will be here to support people young and old to learn new physical skills throughout the day.

Gold Coin Donation

Circus Play Space

9:00  AM-11:00 AM COLA

12:30 PM - 3:30 PM COLA

Do your little ones love to get crafting?  All that paint, glitter, glue, egg cartons and stickers! Most do.

So we’ve set up a dedicated craft corner with lots of different craft materials, bits and pieces and found objects to nurture their creative spirit, spark their imagination, creative play and unleash their inner Picasso or Banksy.

Gold Coin Donation

Kids Craft Corner -

6 Yrs-12 Yrs

9:00 AM - 4:00 PM Quad 2

Using the power of many to create a stunning artwork. Come along and throw your input onto the canvas. All random inputs added by individuals will then be coalesced into one beautifully integrated and inspired artwork by one of our local, practicing artists, Helene Ruma from Wangi Wangi.

Individuals will have 3 hours (between 9am-11 am) to splash on your own contribution.


Then after lunch (1pm-4 pm) Helene will apply her artistic talents across the individual components to bring the sum of all the parts into the one integrated piece, as we watch her bring it to life.

Gold Coin Donation

Crowd sourced Artwork

9:00 AM - 11:00AM  Individual -    Oval

 1:00PM -   4:00PM   Artist  Input - Oval

Lift meditation therapy has been successfully used to help people suffering from pain, depression and anxiety.

Experienced,  highly trained facilitator to expertly guide you in a unique style of meditation specifically designed to reduce pain, depression, stress and anxiety, replacing them with a sense of lightness and possibility, wellbeing and peace.

Free Activity

Lift MeditationTherapy

11:15AM -11: 45 00AM Music Rm 1

Come and learn basic steps of line dance but more importantly, help us set the benchmark number of line dancers completing one music track.


This will then be the benchmark record to beat at next year's festival.

Free Activity

Help set the Morisset Line Dance record 

1:30PM- 2:30PM Oval

VR is becoming an important tool in maintaining health & wellbeing. We have loaded up one of the school's visors with a range of exercises and games so you can come along and try it out for yourselves.

Free Activity

Try out Virtual reality for yourself

9:00AM - 4:00PM Rm 3

Jumping castles and slides, kids go-karts, bungee runs, water, aqua pop are just some of the fantastic amusements and rides that will be on offer throughout the day at family-friendly rates.

Tickets purchased direct

from Harringtons

Amusements & Rides

9:00 AM - 4 PM Newcastle Oval

Let your child's imagination run wild.

Join us on an awesome adventure of Messy/Sensory Play.

Messy play is really important to your child's development.


Pam from Nicky Nacky Noo will be here to guide your little ones through this messy play.

Expect to get very messy so please bring a change of clothes for your little ones and a  towel

Free Activity

Mess Play by Pam - from 6mth -6 Yrs

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM Artisan Lane

   1.30 PM -   2.30PM Artisan Lane

We have a  professional massage angel  on site to make all the difference to your day.

15 minutes of sheer bliss as the angels massage your back, shoulders, neck, head, and arms, leaving you feeling energised, relaxed and rejuvenated, ready to tackle the next exciting activity


$15 per massage

Book Here

Massage Angels

Various sessions starting at

9::00AM - 3:00PM Library


This is a fabulous treat.Veena Vaani Ruth Shepherd is a harpist and harp teacher and loves promoting the joys of playing harp – calming, soothing, creative expression.


 Veena Vaani is facilitating sound scape sessions and will have 2 harps available for you to have a hands on experience of playing a harp.

Free Activity

Harp Tastings

Various 15 minute sessions starting at

2:30  Drum Circle

Scottish dancing is a wonderful way to keep fit, have a laugh and challenge the brain while mastering the patterns of the traditional dances of Scotland.

Ian Robertson from Southlakes U3A will be leading the way


There are no intricate steps to learn - you just need to walk fairly briskly. Come and have a fling.... bring a dance partner and comfortable shoes

Free Activity

Scottish Country Dance

12:00PM-1:00PM Exhibition Hall

Hunter Valley IT are bringing a technological look at physical and mental wellbeing by introducing Virtual Reality (VR).

Chuck on the VR headset, choose your favourite song and try to slice the targets to the beat.

Come have a chat and try it out with our Oculus Rift setup on one of the staff’s favourite games - Beat Saber.

Free Activity

A technological look at health & well-being

9:00AM - 4PM Rm 2

The primal power of the drum is undeniable. Its good for your MIND, BODY and SOUL. Whether you’re young or young at heart.

Have you you experienced it?

Now is your chance come and give it a go.

We will have Heath Jeffrey, a very experienced drumming instructor  available for 3 different sessions to set the rhythm and get everyone generating that primal beat. Outside of that the drums will be available for you to practice on your own

Gold Coin Donation

Djembe Drumming

9:30 AM -10:15AM   Drumming stage

10:45 PM 11:30AM   Drumming stage

   1:45PM -  2:15PM  Drumming stage

Design, create and race your very own paper planes to become the Morisset 'Time Out ACE' title holder 2019

Gold Coin Donation

Paper Plane Challenge

12:15 PM - 12:45 Pm Oval

We all know it's good for us, and you've always wanted to try it, well here's your chance.

We have trained yoga instructors ready to take you through a guided stretch and meditation.  Once you've tried it we know you will be keen to add it into your regular wellbeing regime

$10 per partici[ant

Book Here


Various session starting at

9:00AM -3:00PM Music Rm 1


We will have everything you need to create your own piece of artwork on either a

T shirt or bag. 


You can choose one of the templates we will have to guide your creation, or if feeling inspired use your imagination and design and paint your own unique wearable artwork

T Shirt  $15

Bag      $10

Paint Your Own T shirt or Tote bag

9:00AM - 3:00PM Artisan Lane

Something you have always wanted to do but haven't found the time yet.


Then now there is no excuse as we will have Adi from U3A here showing you some simple techniques.


Take a little time out from the day's activities and be guided  by Adi  Dass from South lakes U3A, through some techniques to start your meditation journey

Free Activity

Meditating for relaxation

2:00PM-3:00PM Library

There is no one way to retire, as you are not retiring from life.


Retirement is a normal part of life's cycle and a unique journey for each of us.


However there are some strategies that are certainly useful as you  transition into this next and exciting chapter. Susan Coggan,  President of U3A, will share some great insights in this 30 minute presentatiion

Free Activity

Coping with Retirement

11:00AM-11.30AM Drama

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